Armenia Colombia

Armenia Colombia

Armenia Colombia is the capital city of the Quindio department and is located in between the 3 largest cities in the country, Bogota, Medellin and Cali.

The city is often referred to as “Ciudad Milagro” (Miracle City) due to its fast growth and development. All thanks to it producing coffee, plantains and bananas.

I visited my wife’s aunt here about 7-8 years ago but don’t have any photos to show but here’s one from just outside the city that gives an impression of the beautiful coffee triangle:

The city is located at 1,551 meters above sea level with an average temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius. The city’s most prominent feature is a river flowing near through a valley near it and it’s a region where no one’s a stranger to earthquakes.

Truth be told however, the city itself is not particularly interesting to visit – its the surrounding area that is so unique. Bottom line, the city is a reference and possible spot to fly in and out of but it would most likely be a waste to spend time here given all the wonderful alternatives nearby.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

To the north of the Armenia Colombia you’ll find the “Los Nevados National Park” where the region’s highest peaks are located. The highest peak is Nevada del Ruiz that stands at 5321 meters and is covered by a glacier! You can see the mountains on a clear day when driving up to Manizales.

Where to stay

Not exactly in Armenia I admit, but my opinion is that everyone visiting Colombia should spend at least a night or two at the amazing Hacienda San Jose just outside of Pereira.

A small coffee farm a little North of Armenia. If you drive in this region, the nature is stunning!

“El Eden” International Airport connects with the country’s most important airports and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Therefore, the city is a convenient choice for business meetings and an easy-to-get-to destination for vacations.

Some of the tourist attractions in the region include the “Colombian National Coffee Park” and “PANACA” but please don’t bother visiting them! Sorry to say this, but Colombia has some so-called tourist attractions that are very poor taste.

It’s also worth the trip to visit Manizales mentioned earlier, a city at over 2200 meters with spectacular and a very good atmosphere.


During the town’s festivities you can see how rich Colombia’s folklore is. Old jeeps have been adopted into this traditional parade called Yipao and carry over sized loads of coffee and other products of local agriculture during their exhibition.

The Chapoleras beauty pageant shows costumes that depict traditional coffee harvesting dresses in the 19th century fashion, as well as popular dances known in the entire country.


Armenia is also popular for its production of handcrafted storage recipients that are no longer mass produced due to other materials such as plastics being cheaper in the market. They’re crafted and produced by individual artisans who add their own style and originality.