My son became interested in CrossFit


My name is ErnestĀ Rubio, bornĀ in June 1981, and I live in Ireland. One thing we have been able to learn is that because of the negative changes in our lifestyle, we are increasingly facing a barrage of health risks. The negative lifestyles include lack of physical exercise and poor diet. Some of the common health risks we face include obesity, heart diseases and diabetes, certain types of cancers and anxiety and depression. To be able to minimize if not eliminate […]

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My Attack Strategy In Squash


The attacking strategy in squash can be very effective if you know how to keep control of your pace and don’t run out of gas. You will focus mainly on your own game and try to finish off your opponent without trying to take advantage of their mistakes. This means you will need to rely on hitting lots of winners without needing to exploit the weaknesses of your opponent. To be successful with the attack strategy you need to make […]

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