Horizontal Wood Fencing

horizontal slat wood fencing

horizontal slat wood fencing

The recently completed Birdrock project features the use of horizontal slat wood fencing which is a decidedly modern look. It was appropriate for this home by Zagrodnik + Thomas Architects¬†with it’s minimalist design and rigid geometry. The key to getting the look right is to maintain strict consistency throughout including alignment and spacing.

In the photo above if you follow one wood slat along the property line fence it turns the corner and connects with the adjoining fence and gate. We insisted that each slat would remain continuous all the way through, and thankfully the carpenter on this project was a perfectionist.

wood slats

In this example the base retaining walls step down a series of levels while the wood slats remain consistent above. Aside from aesthetics one benefit of this fence is that it provides privacy while allowing for air flow and some light to come through.


This is a side view of one of the gates. We called for a 1.5″ steel frame to serve as the structural base for the gate. The frame was then clad with a wood frame to fasten the horizontal slats to. Once you add the steel frame, cladding on both sides and the slats on both sides you end up with a fairly wide gate, about 5.5″ which is heavy. So we used heavy duty hinges. Note that we a solid horizontal privacy fence was preferred for the side yard behind the gate.


The hardware was the most difficult part to figure out as the owners needed marine grade locking & coded hardware. Once we located the right hardware the metal frame was customized to accommodate it. So pick your hardware first, then build your gate to work with it. Note the metal strike plate and custom cut outs for the hardware.