My Attack Strategy In Squash


The attacking strategy in squash can be very effective if you know how to keep control of your pace and don’t run out of gas. You will focus mainly on your own game and try to finish off your opponent without trying to take advantage of their mistakes. This means you will need to rely on hitting lots of winners without needing to exploit the weaknesses of your opponent. To be successful with the attack strategy you need to make sure you hit the ball hard, accurate and don’t get tied up in long rallies. You will need to volley a lot more often to hit kill shots into the nick. One of the most effective methods as an attacking player is to step up and volley your opponent’s return after you serve. As you will be hitting the ball (see “Squash Ball: Buyer’s Guide” at hard on almost every shot you need to keep the rallies to a minimum to avoid tiring yourself out.

To succeed as an attacking player it is crucial that you have an awareness of your opponent as they will try everything they can to extend rallies and tire you out. A lot of opponents will try to hit a lob shot as a return to your serve in order to prevent you from stepping forward for the kill shot. This will force you into the back court allowing your opponent to move forward and dominate the front. Make sure you change your rhythm throughout and don’t let your opponent exploit you on your serve.

To give yourself the cutting edge over your opponent try to lure your opponent into staying back in the court so they will try to hit hard returns past you. This is exactly what you want as it allows you to easily cut these shots off on the volley meaning you can hit a winner into the front corner. Do your best to dominate the T as it is critical that you stay in the front court making it easy for you to hit kill shots.

The advantage of being an attacking player is that you can take advantage of your opponents pace if they try to hit the ball hard. If your opponents shots are loose then it will be easy to punish them. If you maintain good precision throughout the match and play plenty of kill shots it should be an easy match for you. The most important rule to remember is to preserve your energy and don’t run out of gas.