My son became interested in CrossFit


My name is Ernest Rubio, born in June 1981, and I live in Ireland. One thing we have been able to learn is that because of the negative changes in our lifestyle, we are increasingly facing a barrage of health risks. The negative lifestyles include lack of physical exercise and poor diet. Some of the common health risks we face include obesity, heart diseases and diabetes, certain types of cancers and anxiety and depression.

To be able to minimize if not eliminate totally the health risks, it is important that one, including your child/children, eats a proper diet and of course also implements a proper physical training regime.


I have always heard about CrossFit but never knew so much about it until my son became interested in it. There are various interesting and important facts about CrossFit program that I have been able to unearth.This branded fitness program was established in 2000 by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai. CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit Company and the company promotes CrossFit as a fitness sport and a philosophy of physical exercise. Throughout the subsequent years, the company has been enormously successful.

The CrossFit training program is practiced by a number of CrossFit affiliated gyms, over 13,000, across the world with the majoritiesbeing in the US. Additionally, there are a number of schools worldwide, about 1,000,which have adopted and are implementing the CrossFit fitness program for kids (3-18 years). Some of the tasks included in the CrossFit training regimen, daily workout, include;

I. Powerlifting

II. Plyometric

III. Gymnastics

IV. Calisthenics

V. Strongman

There are a number of reasons why CrossFit has been embraced and is especially recommended for kids.The CrossFit training technique for kids embraces the principles of Consistency, Mechanics and Intensity. For kids, the CrossFit training program is best because research shows that;

I. It reduces health risk of being obese

II. It is important in cognitive function, and therefore better school performance.

III. It improves confidence. The Kids doing the physical exercise are proud that they are doing and achieving something. There’s improvement in speed and other skills.

IV. Important in improving and entrenching discipline. Throughout the training program, usually a number of kids are taken through the exercise. Because of the number of kids, there must be a structure which they must adhere to.

V. Emotional and stress release. Children get stressed because of a number of reasons, and through this exercise, they are able to let the negative energy out.

CrossFit shoes

One common question many parents are faced with is which shoes their children should wear for the CrossFit training. Shoes have been shown can curtail or improve your physical exercise. It is therefore important that you find the right fix for your child – Some of the considerations in buying CrossFit training shoes include price (affordability), the hardness of the sole for stability and durable shoes.

There are 3 important brands which manufacture CrossFit training shoes and they are Nike,Reebok and inov-8.The shoes can be bought in online stores such as CrossFit Store and in local stores. The pricing for these training shoes majorly ranges $40-$90.

In conclusion, what I have also been able to observe is that the choice of the gym also matters and therefore there are a number of things one has to look for in in a suitable CrossFit gym.Some of the things to be considered include appearance, equipment, cleanliness, the presence of a class structure, and the resume of the coach. In terms of the resume of the coach, does he/she have any certifications? What is his/her reputation? Which proper functioning benefits has the training program imparted on him?

In addition,everyone wants to be able to train in a clean environment. A CrossFit gym should be clean, bathroom and lavatory. Of course because of the benefits aforementioned above, I wouldn’t mind about my son being admitted to a CrossFit training program. In fact, it is a great training option backed by science.